Our Process

Meeting and Discovery

This stage allows us the opportunity to get to know you, what you are passionate about, and what direction you want to take your business. We will also learn more about your customers, your brand, design preferences and target audience. We then plan your website, content, photography, and any other key deliverables and build a proposal to your specifications and strategy that will make your project a success.

This initial consulting process including our quotation is FREE

Quotation and Agreement

During this meeting we provide a presentation of the services we will provide and our proposal agreement. We also discuss any adjustments needed and fine tune expectations. We then begin development of your project.

At this stage the initial Stage 1 payment becomes due.

Wireframe and Structure

In the next stage we design a wireframe or "mockup" layout to show you the structure of the website and the websites capabilities. The website will not be functional at this point as this will be just a visual representation of how the website will look and work.. In this stage you will provide any alteration feedback.

At this stage the Stage 2 payment is due.


In this stage we prefer to engage you with updates to view the progress of the project. Once you've approved the final design for the website we begin the final development of coding the design and bringing the site to life.

At this stage the Stage 3 payment is due.

Launch your Website Live

Its time to show your website to the world. In this process we will discuss and review any adjustments needed. Its also time to arrange the website's administrators and other required access. Also we will have a discussion on warranty and setting up "automated off site" back-ups and implement any monitoring programs.

At this stage the Stage 4 final payment is due.

Additional Support

Once we've officially lunched the site we don’t just disappear and leave you with a great looking site and no way of managing it. We provide 30 days support to make sure your new website is well taken care off after it goes live.

Your Payment Schedule:

We bill 30/30/30/10 with net 15 terms. The payment schedule is tied to their project's milestones:

  • Stage 1..... 30% deposit upon contract acceptance
  • Stage 2..... 30% on approval of initial mockup (or model) of the final design
  • Stage 3..... 30% on approval of HTML/CSS files of final website
  • Stage 4..... 10% balance due when site goes live

We've found this system mitigates risk and is in the best interest of both parties.